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Gifts like yours help NCNA to continue efforts to provide information and opportunities to the residents of this vibrant Chicago community.

NCNA is a volunteer run organization, so 100% of your gift will be used by NCNA to support our goals of providing relevant information to the residents of North Center, working with local officials to maintain the safety and beauty of our community, encouraging green development and environmental practices, facilitating community conversation and promoting North Center as a great place to grow a family or business.

Chicago’s neighborhoods are the core of the city. By providing the residents with information about what is going on in the neighborhood will provide greater opportunities to become more involved through volunteer and service programs in the community. It also a great way to work together to keep our city strong and vibrant.

Thanks again for your support.

To make a general donation to North Center Neighbors Association, please click on the Donate button below.



1. Financially give online or by mail

2. Join or renew your membership
3. Donate your time by volunteering to help


As an NCNA Sponsor, you are assisting in helping us to make North Center a thriving community. Your sponsorship ensures we are able to continue developing meaningful events and resources for the community in the following ways: 

SUPPORT: Provide assistance to NCNA which allows us the ability to hold major events in the neighborhood specifically designed to engage neighbors and support local businesses. 

EDUCATION: Provide meaningful information to all our neighbors about important items that pertain to the community such as safety, philanthropy and the environment.

ADVOCACY: Provide support for the North Center community by being a core business that cares about the well-being and future of the neighborhood. 

To learn more about the benefits as a sponsor, reasons to be a sponsor and annual NCNA events, check out our 2023 Sponsorship Packet below!

Contact us at:

(p) 872-246-1551

P.O. Box 180114

Chicago, IL 60618

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